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The advent of summer bought the largest and most luxurious SUV in the Audi India line-up to my doorstep. Having recently driven the smaller Q3, I was looking forward to driving an SUV which is due for a generation overhaul this year. This second generation Q7 is based on the

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The second generation Q5 was Audi’s first launch of the year. Launched in 2011 the Q5 ticked all the right boxes for SUV buyers, making it an instant success. In the last few years SUV’s have become an important category for every luxury car manufacturer. We Indians love SUV’s. And

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This weekend turned out to be the kind of dream, where one doesn’t want to wake up. I got the opportunity to drive one of Audi’s most stylish cars. The A5 Sportback. A car that stands for style and performance in every breadth! The A5 Sportback arrived 10 minutes before

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